If you are a celebrity, the spotlight shines brightly. If you are a celebrity with hair loss, it may shine too brightly. Don't get caught at a hot-spot with a bald spot.

Oh yeah...it's really a hair transplant. View before & after videos

Celebrity Hair Transplant

As a celebrity, you live in a highly competitive environment where any advantage you have can make the difference between getting that call and sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring. A hair transplant gives you an advantage both in your profession and personal life. Find out how world-leading clinic Hasson & Wong can help you achieve, live and flourish.

The Hasson & Wong Advantage

Get a hair transplant from innovators Hasson & Wong:

  • Creators of the Lateral Slit Technique
  • Consistently excellent and natural results
  • More proof of claims in high def video than any clinic
  • Transplant more grafts in single surgeries than any clinic

If you can find a hair transplant clinic with more consistent results, more proof of claims in the form of before and after videos and photos, and more accolades and fans, you should go there. If not, you should get here and get hair.

Who We Are

Hasson & Wong is a world-renowned leader in hair transplantation. We may not be on TV, but we know celebrities. In Hollywood North, we understand the needs of busy celebrities and the importance of discretion and confidentiality.

Complete our consultation enquiry and discuss hair transplantation with our celebrity hair transplant concierge.

"Results are simply awe inspiring"
Spencer Kobren, American Hair Loss Association